BitcoinSoV Token Info

What is BitcoinSoV?

BitcoinSoV is the Worlds First Mineable & Deflationary token. Anyone can mine, buy and sell BitcoinSoV.

SoV in BSoV stands for Store of Value.

BitcoinSoV was created to provide an Alternative to Hyperinflation in fiat currency.

BitcoinSoV is completely Decentralized & Community Driven.

There is no pre-mine, no ICO, no Airdrop.

Contract address is: 0x26946adA5eCb57f3A1F91605050Ce45c482C9Eb1


Symbol: BSOV

Total Supply: 21 000 000 (21 Million)

Decimals: 8

Deflation: 1% Burn of transfer amount on every transfer for ever.

Mining: This token utilizes the same keccak256 Proof of Work Algorithm as the original Bitcoin. It also bears the same difficulty adjustment every 1024 blocks, halving, eras, and max coin supply of Bitcoin, but with the speed and versatility of an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

GPU & CPU Mineable

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BSoV is 100% Decentralized & Community Driven.

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