World’s First Mineable & Deflationary Token

BitcoinSoV: A Proof of Work Decentralized, Fungible, Censorship Free, Deflationary Currency. Providing anyone in the world with a true Store of Value protected from inflation.

BitcoinSoV Features

Why BSoV?


BitcoinSov is mined using a simple Keccak256 (Sha3) algorithm. There is No ICO, No Pre-mine, and No Governance. This allows for BSoV to be completely decentralized and fairly distributed.


With each BSoV transfer, 1% of the transaction is burned forever. Through a system of immutable smart contracts and continuous deflation, BSoV is the world’s first Mineable Deflationary currency.

Store Of Value

BitcoinSoV provides a superb Store of Value to Fiat currency thanks to its deflationary mechanism. As tokens are mined, tokens are also burned through each transfer, providing for more stability.

Total Supply

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BSoV is 100% Decentralized & Community Driven.

Are you looking to help drive BitcoinSoV? We’re always looking for helpful community members and professionals to assist with the marketing, communication and development behind this exciting project.

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